Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Rolling Meadows Youth Cheerleading registration fees?

2018 Breakdown of fees based on grade / squad

1st –2nd grade squad:

Registration : $733: $455 registration fee + $ 60 fundraising fee + **state competition fee of $135 + $83 new uniform fee ( $143 uniform fee – 60 fundraising fee)

Registration fee includes but not limited to: 4 regular season IRCA competitions, IRCA fees, park district fees, practice t –shirts, competition bows, gifts, insurance, practice space, mat rental, participation award ,music, spirit posters, etc

3rd-8th grade squads:

Registration : $763 : $475 registration fee $60 fundraising fee + **state competition fee of $135 + $83 new uniform ( $143 uniform - $60 fundraising fee).

Registration fee includes, but not limited to : practice t- shirts, insurance, IRCA fee, park district fee, practice space, mat rental, and participation award, at least 5 regular season IRCA cheer competitions, gifts, competition bows, spirit posters, choreography, and music.

Cheer shoes are part of the uniform but not included in the registration/ team fees but are mandatory.

** If a squad does not receive a State bid, RMYC will refund the $135 state fee back to parents of that squad at the end of the season.

Sibling discount of $20 per participant.

Referral discount of $20 for any new cheerleader whom a family refers to RMYC and the new referred family must complete the referral information on page 1 of the registration.

Fundraising: The $60 fee can be used a s a "buy out" or families  can earn the $60 back by participating in the raffle.

Credit card, cash , or check  payments are accepted for all registration and uniform fees.  If use a credit card,the bank service fee will be charged to the purchase, but this does allow another payment method for families.

We will again offer payment plans. Payment for registration and uniforms can be spread out from the time you register until August 1st, 2018. All fees must be paid in full to RMYC by August 1, 2018. Please contact our Treasurer, Susan Pfister, at with any questions. She will also be available at the registrations to answer questions and set up a plan.

Where do I register?

What is the practice schedule?

Practices start mid- July and can run through the first weekend of December.  Squads typically practice 1.5-2 hours, 2-3 days per week.  Once squads are formed we will notify you of your practice schedule.

Are practices mandatory?

All practices are mandatory.  Practices include learning new cheers, conditioning, cheer fundamentals and safety, stunting and tumbling.  Our primary focus is on learning our competition routine.  Since the routine is dependent on every cheerleader performing her part, it is important that all cheerleaders attend every practice.  

Who will coach my daughter?  

Rolling Meadows Youth Cheer is an all-volunteer organization.   Each squad will have adult coaches and 2-3 former RMYC cheerleader coaches.  

RMYC is always looking for volunteers.  Please email us at if you are interested in volunteering.